question on rampUsers

I am using gatling v 2.2.0
I am having difficulty getting the rampUsers feature to work.

A csv feeder is read in for test user data; the number of users passed to ‘rampUsers’ results in that many users being immediately active (i.e the ramp up time is just ignored)

If anyone has any insight or comments on what I might be doing wrong, please let me know.
thank you!

val inputs = csv(System.getProperty(“inputcsv”))
var domain : String = System.getProperty(“targetdomain”)
val httpConf = http.baseURL(“https://manager.”+domain)

val scn = scenario(“Load Testing Spring 2016”)
.exec(http(“Console Log-In”)
.get(“https://manager.” + domain + “/console/login”)
// etc.

rampUsers(5) over (30 seconds)

I have upgraded to stable release 2.2.1 and no longer seem to have this problem.
thank you