25% of the requests are failing with j.n.ConnectException: connect(..) failed: Cannot assign requests in tests

Context: I am running a gatling load test using load test using load injector from AWS- EKS cluster, getting error: j.n.ConnectException: connect(…) failed: Cannot assign requests. We have made some changes to configurations with reference to Linux Network Tuning for 2013 – Nate Wiger vs Software and error rate dropped from 40% to 25%.
My load test:
Total requests/sec: 1800
avg response time for each request : 50ms
java version: amazoncorretto:11-al2-jdk
Can anyone please suggest what can be done not to get above error in the tests.

Note: Gatling Enterprise officially supports deploying load generators in k8s clusters. We from the Gatling editor can only help with this this way.

We are not using Enterpise version and using Gatling community edition.
For our tests we are using load generators which are AWS servers.

Exactly my point. Except for the OS tuning described in our documentation in the Operations section, we from the Gatling editor can’t help with in-house deployments as automations features are covered in Gatling Enterprise.

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