Cannot assign requested address to https://


I am running test in jenkins at the rate of 300 req/sec. I am getting below errors.

I am sure these are not are not application errors. I tried setting ulimit on jenkins host, it is already unlimited. Cannot assign requested address to (4 %)

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request timed out to of 60000 ms (5%)


rampUsersPerSec(1) to(300) during(400 seconds),

constantUsersPerSec(300) during(1200 seconds)

please help me with this,


How can you be sure that those are not application/network errors?

Hi Stephane,

I executed performance test with other performance tool (SOASTA), i did not see any application/network errors.

You might not have the same set up actually.
You can’t reason only about requests per sec.
Your virtual user/connection set up is very important too.

Here, you’re creating 300 new virtual users per second, meaning opening (at least, depends if you fetch resources too) 300 new connections per second.

I suspect your SOASTA set up is different and you might be reusing connections there.
If so, you’re comparing apples and oranges.