3.11 using the maven bundle: cannot find the Recorder and Engine class on IDE

Hi, i have downloaded the maven installer bundle for latest version 3.11. Upon loading the project on IntelliJ IDE I find that there is no Engine and Recorder class. I was able to launch the recorder tool from the terminal but not the Engine.
Please help.


These classes are gone.
You’re now supposed to launch Gatling and the Recorder from your build tool of choice, which you can itself launch from the terminal embedded in Intellij IDEA (or any other IDE).
Please check the documentation: Build tool plugins for Gatling


Thanks @slandelle . I was able to launch it from the build tool. I later found that it was also mentioned in the readme file so that should help too :slight_smile:

Is there a way to still run gatling from a MAIN method as it used to be?
It is required for my framework which I built around gatling up to 3.10.5. I’m doing some stuff before the test and after. Simulation methods to override “before” and “after” is useless here. For example, after the test is finished I’m uploading HTML report to the remote storage. It’s a significant breaking change, is there a way to get it back?

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