Setting up Gatling

Just downloaded gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-RC3.
Unzipped it into a folder and opened it in IntelliJ.
Noe erros occur, but I cannot choose “engine” and press the play button within the IDE/IntelliJ.

Does someone have a stepwise explaination on how to get the simulation running from IntellijJ?

I Guess I need to add the JDK and build the Project? I have maven installed also.



I think you’re confusing the bundle (standalone, intended to run from CLI) and a scala project (generated by the gatling maven archetype, or using the gatling sbt plugin).

Ok, I need a little help in setting Gatling up in IntelliJ on a Windows machine.

  1. I guess the way to og is to download the .zip file and save it on disc (not in programs folder)?
  2. Start IntelliJ and Select import existing Project?
  3. Import it and add a New simulation in the allready existing simulation folder?

But do I need to download Scala to IntelliJ as well?



  1. I guess the way to og is to download the .zip file and save it on disc (not in programs folder)?


The bundle is not intended as an IDE ready project.

Depending on which build tool you’re familiar with, you might want to either go with our maven archetype for bootstrapping a maven project, or build a sbt project and add our sbt plugin.

Ok, Thanx.
I use IntelliJ.
How do I “go with our maven archetype for bootstrapping”?



This I have done, but when I have created the mvn Project, what do I do Next?
Just include the dependency in the pom?
What about scala dependecy? do I explicit tell IntelliJ do include that also?


Make sure you installed IntelliJ Scala Plugin and after that, if you successfully created your project using Gatling’s Maven archetype, you’re good to go.



However, please note that IDEs are not in anyway mandatory with Gatling, if you’re not comfortable with them.
If you’re using Gatling’s bundle, fire up your preferred text editor to write your simulations and then use the bundle to compile and run your simulations.

Ok, I have the bundle allready.
I have a few questions to this:

  1. How do I run the tests? from i.e. cmd (Windows)?
  2. Where should I Place the text editor files so that Gatling can find them?
    Thank You!


  1. /bin/gatling.bat
  2. /user-files/simulations