Accessing Global Statistics within Simulation


I was wondering if it would be possible to access global statistics such as Requests per sec, No. of successful requests, etc. within the simulation itself. I want to be able to get the requests per sec at the current step in the simulation and perform actions based on that. (I know the Assertions API lets you get these statistics for the simulation as a whole, but that’s after the simulation has ended, I believe?) I’d appreciate any insights on how I could accomplish this.

Thank you very much!

That’s not possible.

Thank you very much Stephane! So the reason I ask is because when I have a large no. of users for a certain simulation (>1k), Gatling hangs after at a certain point. The simulation is x% complete, there are n users still active, who are just not getting terminated, and gets stuck there indefinitely. So my idea is to kill the simulation when it gets to this point where there’s no more progress being made. Would you have alternative suggestions?

Provide a way for us to reproduce your bug on our side so we can fix it.