Accessing Object Gatling Feeder

I am pushing List Of Java Objects to my Gatling Feeders in scenario 1 and I am trying to access the objects in scenario 2.

here is my feeder code

object DataDequeHolder {val DataHolder = new ConcurrentLinkedDequeList[HttpRecordedObject] }

class DataFeeder extends Feeder[List[HttpRecordedObject]] {
override def hasNext: Boolean = DataDequeHolder.DataHolder.size() > 0
override def next(): Map[String, List[HttpRecordedObject]] = Map(“data” → DataDequeHolder.DataHolder.pollFirst())

object DataBuilderExecutor{
def generateTestUser() = {
var headers: Map[CharSequence, String] = getHeaderMap(builderObject.http_headers)
val uri = builderObject.uri


scn = scn.exec(DataBuilderExecutor.generateTestUser()).feed(new DataFeeder())

Another Scenario

How can I access the Feeder Objects and iterate over the list the recorded objects in my scenario like I want to know how can I access the one object from Feeder and iterate over the list, like looping over the list of HttpRecordedObject before actually using the values?

how can I access the one object from Feeder and iterate over the list

Are you sure you’re getting Feeders right?Feeders are shared datasources.

Do you want each virtual user to loop over each entry originally in your queue? or do you want each entry in your queue to be consumed once and only once?

I want each entry in the queue to be consumed only once, isn’t the every virtual user will be picking the entry only once in the feeder?