How to access Java Object From Gatling Feeder

I am pushing List Of Java Objects to my Gatling Feeders in scenario 1 and I am trying to access the objects in scenario 2.

here is my feeder code

object DataDequeHolder {val DataHolder = new ConcurrentLinkedDequeList[HttpRecordedObject] }

class DataFeeder extends Feeder[List[HttpRecordedObject]] {
override def hasNext: Boolean = DataDequeHolder.DataHolder.size() > 0
override def next(): Map[String, List[HttpRecordedObject]] = Map(“data” → DataDequeHolder.DataHolder.pollFirst()) } scn = scn.exec(DataBuilderExecutor.generateTestUser()).feed(new DataFeeder())

How can I access the Feeder Objects and iterate over the list the recorded objects in my scenario?