ActionBuilder with Custom Action and Instantiation/Initialization Error Handling

I have ActionBuilder with custom Action defined as follows:

val actionBuilder = new ActionBuilder {
def build(next: ActorRef,protocols: Protocols) =
system.actorOf(Props(new MyActionWrapper(next, new MyAction())).withRouter(RoundRobinPool(numberOfActionInstances)))
where MyActionWrapper extends Chainable with DataWriterClient and MyAction is plain class

It seems that when initialization/instantation of MyAction fails for all numberOfActionInstances then the simulation continues running forever like nothing happened.

I can see that actor instantiation exception is thrown but Gatling doesn’t do anything about it.

Any ideas how to handle such case?

Andre Piwoni

You have to get familiar with Akka supervising and crash recovery.
Check out the documentation so you can find out how to deal with the different types of crash.