Active users

Hi All,

I might not understand “Active users” concept, so, could you put some light on the following situation please.

I have a simple scenario:

class GetProdLikeSimulation extends Simulation {

  val simulationDuration: lang.Long = 300L

    scenario("GET monitor/version")
      .repeat(1) {
          http("GET monitor/version")
            .check(status is 200)
      .inject(constantUsersPerSec(245) during (simulationDuration second))
    .protocols(http.baseUrl(baseUrl).headers(Map(Header.iPhoneUserAgent, Header.jsonContentType)))

I am sending simple get request (245 req per sec during 5 mins) here.

Everything is fine while “Active users” is on the same level. Then this “Active users” parameter is growing up dramatically.

So, several questions here from my side:

  1. What is the reason for that?
  2. Why the time spot when “Active users” starts to increase is always random (from run to run)?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Bogdan,

Please see the documentation about injection configuration:

constantUsersPerSec(245) during (simulationDuration second)

will indeed create 245 new users per second.

So, if the scenario is long enough, or your server takes time to answer, the actual active users will pile up.