alternative of nooponstart in gatling 3.4.0

What is the alternative of nooponstart in gatling 3.4.0
We are planning to upgrade gatling to 3.4.0 and observed some errors.

First, latest Gatling release is 3.5.1. Don’t just upgrade to 3.4 or you’ll still lag behind.
Then, could you please explain why you need this? This is an internal. What are you doing exactly?

Thanks Stepahe for replying. Below is our use case

  1. Gatling version: 3.3.1
    Requirement: Run certain scenario’s sequentially to re-create load we observed in production.
    Issue: Since we are using 3.3.1 version of gatling, we couldn’t run the scenarios sequentially using parent-child load setup (using parent.inject(load).andThen(child.inject(load)) and we are implemented a custom protocol as gatling didnt have a support out of box for our requirement.

I have upgraded the version to 3.4.0 and this scala file started failing

case class XYZComponents(protocol: ISOProtocol) extends ProtocolComponents {

override def onStart: Session => Session = ProtocolComponents.NoopOnStart

override def onExit: Session => Unit = ProtocolComponents.NoopOnExit


It’s just the identity function, no need for an extra function.

Resolved the issue… and updated to 3.5.1 version.