Gatling Hangs On Startup Before Selecting Simulation


I am seeing an intermittent failure when running a gatling simulation. With trace logs enabled I am getting the following logs:

13:12:29.495 [TRACE] i.g.a.Gatling$ - Starting
13:12:29.874 [TRACE] i.g.a.Gatling$ - Configuration loaded
13:12:30.612 [INFO ] a.e.s.Slf4jLogger - Slf4jLogger started
13:12:30.719 [TRACE] i.g.a.Gatling$ - ActorSystem instantiated
13:12:30.723 [TRACE] i.g.a.Gatling$ - Runner instantiated
13:12:30.785 [TRACE] - Running

It gets stuck at this point. The program does not exist. It just hangs.
I am using gatling 2.3.0.

My best guess is that it is getting blocked while loading the simulations.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Gatling 2 has reached end of life last year.
Please upgrade to Gatling 3 (latest is 3.1.3).