Amount of Active users does not change in Grafana (real time monitoring) while running several Gatling instances


Gatling version 3.1.2.

I am running the same scritps (configuration) in several Gatling instances and I have pointed these instances to an influxdb (gatling.conf).

I can see while the test is running that the number of requests changes if I start 1, 2 o more instances but the number of Active users don’t change (Grafana graph).

For example, 2 instances running:

  scn.inject(constantConcurrentUsers(100) during (600))

Round time 40sec approx.

The number of Active users is around 100 during 10 minutes… Shouldn’t be ~200 active users concurrently?

Could somebody shed a bit of light on this?

Thx and regards!

Hi Guti,

Did you resolve this issue? If yes, can you share with me how to do this?


W dniu piątek, 17 stycznia 2020 17:34:35 UTC+1 użytkownik José Antonio Gutiérrez Morales napisał:

I’m afraid the Graphite integration you have in Gatling OSS is not implemented with distributed tests in mind.
Distributed tests are supported in FrontLine, including a datasource for Grafana.