Scaled Gatling real-time monitoring

I’m running Gatling tests from several instances. And I’d like to have real-time metrics, like RMP or amount of active users. I’ve set up Grafana with InfluxDb, but I can see results only from 1 instance, when the Gatling report shows 2.

  1. Are the results from both instances stored in InfluxDB? Or they overwrite each other?
  2. Is it possible to see the results from each instance and their aggregated sum?


Distributed load tests and real time monitoring are featured in FrontLine.


Yes, I know this, and it’s great, but it’s too expensive, and I know, that it’s possible to set up these metrics with Grafana and InfluxDB

Stéphane Landelle wrote:

I hope to know

在 2018年10月17日星期三 UTC+8上午12:45:43,Егор Захаров写道:

I am interested to know this as well.
If it is possible to set up monitoring using the open source.
Thanks all for contributing to this topic.

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All of your Gatling instances are sending their metrics to the same InfluxDB, correct? In that case you should see all of your data aggregated. You won’t have the ability to see it separated by Gatling instance. To see the results from each instance, you could group your requests and add an identifier to the group name that differs between instances. I don’t know how you would do that dynamically, at runtime, but it may be possible. Then in Grafana you could create dashboards that filter groups based on the identifier you assigned.