Any way to save Gatling output responses in a file

Hi All,

I have a simulation for one of my project for which I would like to store all the requests and responses (which are part of output) in a txt file or some kind of file. Is there a way to do so??

Reasoning: The reason why I need to do this is because when I am executing my test for larger volume, let’s say 200k txns, Gatling report would reflect the correct number as desired but when we are checking against database during the same time duration of the test, around 1% calls are not registered. So we are not sure exactly where is the gap and why those 1% calls which did reflect in the Gatling report as pass didn’t get registered against database.

Thanks for all your help!

You can achieve this by setting the log level to TRACE and direct to a file.


you can also make general scala calls in a session action, so you could get response data via a check and then just use methods to write them out to a file. This might be easier than parsing through TRACE logs