Saving SCALA SCRIPT in Results

I would like to save my SCALA Script(.scala file) which is being runned for every simulation in results folder.Is there any way to get this through change in conf file or any file… which would be helpful to cross check load injected and report generated.

Any information on this??

You’re not going to get something like that from Gatling directly. But you can roll your own solution.

Rather than copying the scala file into the reports, I would make sure your gatling code is checked in and pushed to the server (assuming git), and then save a link to the particular commit in the report directory. That way if you had to recreate the test run, you could.

But I wonder: why do you want this? What’s motivating it?

Nothing urgent for this…it was just a tought in my mind.It would be helpful to cross check script that executed and report generated respectively when we are running multiple tests by changing injected users/scripts multiple times.

When you call scenario() you pass a string. Embed the parameters in the string, and the report will have the parameters right in it.