appending default origin header in the request header

Hi Team,

here i am struggling with default origin header addition with host name in the request and in our case load balancer is rejecting request because of this default origin added to the header.

is there a way to disable this and add explicitly when ever needed. so that default origin should not be added.

Thank you in advance!!!

Which version of Gatling are you using?

Hi Stephane,
Thanks for responding.

I am using Gatling 3.0.1 where I am having issues because Gatling is adding “origin” in request header.

Ahh!! Just checked

I checked all the versions and it is happening only in in 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 Gatling version and Gatling adding default “origin” in request header


In old Gatling versions (current is 3.3.1), we were sending Origin header too aggressively.
So, you definitely should upgrade.