Application for learning performance testing


Does anyone of you know any application that would help in learning about performance testing?
I would like to spread some basic knowledge with samples.

What I’m looking for is some kind of app that could be started on any desktop box. Ideally if it would had some DB like mongo.

I’m looking for something that would have actual bugs implemented that later could be easly fixed by DEV teams.
Something like memory leak, capacity problem in some “functional area” and some kind of cluster problem.

The case would be to show all those in metrics provided by executed test.

Dominik Jeziorski

Hi Dominik,

The only app I’m aware of is the one Kirk Pepperdine uses for his performance and GC tuning training, but I’m not sure it’s open-source.
Maybe try asking him directly (jClarity mailing list maybe?).


This is Kirk Pepperdine’s github, Check it out - Otherwise just search for some sample apps in google. You will get lot github links.