db performance testing


I am new to gatling. I don know how to test the performance of db in gatling. Shall we test the performance of db. If can, Will you give some instances to stimulate.

Thanks in Advance!!!



I’ve already replied to the same question: RDBMS load testing is not supported at the moment.


Thank you. But the gatling forum says, We can test the performance of db. Thats why i have a doubt on this.

I don’t know where you found such a statement, but it’s wrong. We worked at some time on a proof of concept but it never made it into Gatling.

Thank you Stephane…

How far away is that, and is there something I can do to help? We have an internal desire to be able to load test SQL queries.

Far. Original poc was targeting Gatling 1 and needed some major changes so we dropped it. JDBC is not a natural fit for Gatling as it’s a blocking protocol, so there’s quite some prior analysis work required.
There’s not much demand for JDBC/SQL, so it’s very low priority for us. If anyone’s has a pressing need for this, the best way to make it happen is to sponsor its development.



Can you give a quote on what it would cost to sponsor this particular feature?