Assertions documentation update - actual percentiles

I’d like to propose the following updates:

  • percentile1: perform the assertion on the 50th percentile of the metric.
  • percentile2: perform the assertion on the 75th percentile of the metric.
  • percentile3: perform the assertion on the 95th percentile of the metric.
  • percentile4: perform the assertion on the 99th percentile of the metric.

This was not clear from the code and I was glad to find it in the migration guide from 2.0 to 2.1


Better wording would be:

“perform the assertion on the percentile1 of the metric, as defined in gatling.conf, default value is 50th.”

Want to contribute a pull request?

Ah, looks like the documentation has already been updated on master.
Thanks for the pointer though; I wasn’t sure whether the docs were in the same repo.