Gatling influxdb - help


I integrated gatling and influxdb. I can see the results in influxdb but max mean min percentiles have the same value of min where as in reports it’s different. I am using below template. Can anyone point what I am missing? Thank you!

enabled = true
database = “gatlingdb”
templates = [
“gatling.... measurement.simulation.request.status.field”,
“gatling..users..* measurement.simulation.measurement.request.field”

Result in db.

time count max mean min percentiles50 percentiles75 percentiles95 percentiles99 request simulation status stdDev

1622100339000000000 2 321 321 320 321 321 321 321 allRequests contactget all 0
1622100339000000000 2 321 321 320 321 321 321 321 contact_get_req contactget ko 0

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It sounds like there was only one request sent. If so, try to run the simulation for a min or two to see multiple data points

Best /Mohan

Tried with a 500 api calls and 50th percentile seems to be wrong !! Value in min is carried in 50th percentile too but in reports it’s far more different.

Hi Sharanya,

Could you please share the post/link you used to set up influxdb and gatling?

If it's this:

I wrote it many years ago and it'd be a miracle if it still worked.

I don't mind updating or writing an alternative or maybe deleting in favour of FL?


I did check out that link. I am doing a POC of gatling/influxdb and grafana on my windows laptop. All of the blogs/links are specific to linux I believe. So none of the out of box set up works fine.

Why don't I containerise this? I believe there has been some recent license changes with Docker and podman is Linux (been away from work for a year!!!). Or a scripting language that automates this or something else? I just don't know what runs on Windows, or should we be encouraging WSL2?

FL is beautiful and offers so much more information, so I can't see any competition!!! But those Grafana graphs I created are the ugliest I ever seen.