AsyncHandlerActor "WARNING" (Gatling 2.1.7 Production Environment) - GATLING or WEB CODE ?

Hello Guys,

I’m kind of new to gatling and since a while now, i’ve been working on some test but i keep getting the same “Async” issue.

I’ve read all i can about this topic on your google group but i didn’t find something that could help to my case.

Well, it’s quite simple, i ran two scenario:

1 in basic mode (1 user)
1 in charge mode (75 users)

In basic mode, i’m getting some “AsyncHandleActor” warnings but it don’t seems to bother the simulation flow. BUT!! When it comes to charge mode with more users, it becomes overwhelming. All those warnings keep occuring and at the end it crash.

  • The error is “ Handshake did not complete within 10000ms”

I’ve already seen the explaination of this error but what i really want to know is this:

I- Does those warnings truly are the source of the overload ?? If yes. Is that even possible to avoid them in gatling ?

II- Maybe those warning comes directly from a website dev errors. Can you just give me your opinion on this ?

I join my two log simulation file. One In “CHARGE” mode (75) and one, with more user, in “STRESS” mode (~120)

Thanks a lot in advance,


Reports & Logs.rar (404 KB)

This is an application issue, Gatling is just the messenger here.
Your application is not capable of dealing with your injection profile. In particular, “ Handshake did not complete within 10000ms” means that your application couldn’t perform the TLS handshake in 10 seconds (which is huge).

Wow Thanks a lot for the quick answer :),

Can you just clarity when you said that my apps is nos capable of dealing with my injection profile. I don’t really understand. Does that mean that my scenario is wrong or just that something is definitely wrong with the website on wich i perform my scenario ?

Thank you again!!