Handshake did not complete within 1 1 (100.0%)

When I increase the number of users from 300 to 1000 it fails with the error : Handshake did not complete within 1 1 (100.0%)


ANyonehas idea how to fix this?

Is it client side issue from Gatling or issue with our implementation.

I have seen few people mentioning about this earlier , please let me know if I can get any help here.


Connection timeout is set by default to a second (this can be changed in gatling.conf).

Run curl concurrently with your simulation and see what your response times are:

watch curl -o /dev/null -s -w %{time_total}\n


This question is about the TLS handshake, not the TCP connect. TLS handshake timeout is 10s by default.
It looks like the TLS layer is the bottleneck here.