BasicAuth without password

In the Gatling HTTP client, it appears that for Basic Authentication, two arguments are required to be passed

basicAuth(username: Expression[String], password: Expression[String])

But what if on the server side there is no password. How can i do the following?

basicAuth(username: Expression[String])


As per spec:

   To receive authorization, the client

   1.  obtains the user-id and password from the user,

   2.  constructs the user-pass by concatenating the user-id, a single
       colon (":") character, and the password,

   3.  encodes the user-pass into an octet sequence (see below for a
       discussion of character encoding schemes),

   4.  and obtains the basic-credentials by encoding this octet sequence
       using Base64 ([[RFC4648], Section 4]( into a sequence of US-ASCII
       characters ([[RFC0020](]).

The password can be empty, but it’s required, period.