build issues

I’m building using the io.gatling.highcharts:gatling-charts-highcharts:2.0.0-SNAPSHOT and I’m having a checksum issue with the gatling-jms-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file.

I manually did a md5 against the file at and compared that to the md5 file at and they are different.

Is there something I should be doing differently or do those not fit together?


What are you doing exactly? Building from sources? Using from maven? If the latter, please remove artifacts from your local repo, maven snapshot metadata are not properly generated.

im using gradle to pull down the gatling dependencies… build my code with those.

md5 ~/Downloads/gatling-jms-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

MD5 (/Users/achappelle/Downloads/gatling-jms-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) = db75ad32175a6952714b18e944bf6dff

The above md5 isn’t whats in the file on the sonatype repo…

Does that matter?

Also… this just started happening a few hours ago… i’ve been running fine for weeks.

here is the error message im getting from my build.

Could not download artifact ‘io.gatling:gatling-jms:2.0.0-SNAPSHOT@jar’

the md5 file on the sonatype repo is now different and things are working for me again



It could be my fault : We have some problems concerning artifacts publication on Sonatype that I am trying to solve, and I can really test my fix unless I publish to Sonatype…
It could be than one of my tentatives failed “partially” publishing only some artifacts, which could be the reason why MD5 checksums are wrong.
Artifacts have been republished properly since, which explains why it works again.
Since you’re using Gradle, which is Ivy-based, like SBT, I suggest that you deactivate Gradle’s “changing module” cache :

configurations.all {
    resolutionStrategy.cacheChangingModulesFor 0, 'seconds'