Can "silent" be variable?

While debugging a gatling script I generally want to see all of the requests. However, I often silence some requests (for auth, etc.) when running my final tests. Does anyone know if there is a slick way to “toggle” the silent setting on an Http Request?

I see that it’s basically an Option under the covers… would be nice if we could simply pass an option variable when building the request.



You could use a parameter to pass in a value for .silentUri in the protocol definition and set the requests that you absolutely will always care about to be .notSilent at the request level.

This way you could pass in a dummy Uri for debugging and everything would be reported. Passing in a Uri that matched your test environment when running final tests would only report on those requests marked .notSilent

There was a bug and silent requests weren’t logged with slf4j, see

Thanks for reporting!