How to make Gatling websocket request Silent ?

Hello all,

Thanks again for the really huge and great work done on Gatling tool. Thanks to Gatling dev guy’s !!!

I’m trying to make some of my requests silent.
I’m able to make silent an http request like this :

val proc =  exec(http(requestLabel).post("/api/v1/xxxx")

This allow me to not see this request on the Gatling report.

I’m trying to do the same on Websocket request. But don’t find the way to do that.
Like I do for http request I don’t want to see them on the report, I want to exclude some WS request from the report (like Open / Close WS statements)

Thanks in advance for you help


Thanks for your kind words.
“silent” is not supported on WebSockets atm. Contributions welcome :slight_smile:
Just make sure to build on top of the revamped WebSocket support in master (see Ws2CompileTest).