Can't find conditional check in gatling 2.3.1

I’m not sure if I got it right but according to the docs there should be a checkIf method available yet I can’t see it in the request builder.
I’m using IDEA and maven to build and run from Gatling archetype and maybe I messed up something after the update.
My pom.xml file has the following properties:




Just to be sure I downloaded pure gatling from the project page and copied the scala file, but the compilation crashed so I guess it’s just missing?

Would be grateful for any help.
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Please have a lot at the documentation for the valid first parameter types:

Thanks - I was using it wrong and looking for it in the wrong class! lol: simple example

.check(checkIf(session => session.contains("9"))(css("meta[content*='.4']").exists))

BTW is there an option to apply css selector to session in the above example?

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