Can't visit the demo web site ( with the Recorder

Hi Experts,

I’m a newbie for Gatling. I was just following the “get started page” ( to play with Gatling. But got a problem when using the Recorder. After the proxy port of Recorder is properly set with http:8000 and https:8001. Then I started the Recorder, but my firefox cannot visit the demo web site - and connection timeout exception was poping up.

Can anyone help point out where I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

You’re not doing anything wrong. It just seems that the site is down. I will restart it ASAP.

Hi Stephane,

I think I need to use the “Outgoing proxy” configuration as the “Automatic proxy configuration URL” configuration is used when normally visiting web site. So how should I configurate the “Outgoing proxy” section, host, HTTP and HTTPS? I’m using one “http://xxx/pad.dat” in the browser settings. Below settings seems not work.

host: http://xxx/pad.dat
HTTP: any available port number
HTTPS: any available port number

在 2013年1月16日星期三UTC+8下午3时15分29秒,Stéphane Landelle写道:

Actually, with below outgoing proxy settings, it throws java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException when started.

在 2013年1月16日星期三UTC+8下午3时58分31秒,tjiay…@gmail.com写道:


The Recorder does not support web proxy autodiscovery (WPAD).

So you’ll have to find what is the proxy configuration you should use :slight_smile:


I’ve got the proxy server from the wpad. Thanks so much, Romain and Stephane!

在 2013年1月16日星期三UTC+8下午4时11分43秒,Romain Sertelon写道: