Captcha Recording

I do have a scenario where i need to check my Captcha checkbox in order to signup/signin into my application.I need to record the flow starting from Signup to Signout,but i could not see the Captcha checkbox is not visible when i am trying to record it in browser.Do i need to change any browser configurations to enable this captcha or is it not possible to record Captcha in gatling?

So you’re looking for a way for a computer so defeat a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
If that was possible, that would make your CAPTCHA a very bad one…

You need a way to bypass/disable this CAPTCHA in your load test environment, end of the story.

Yeah…just now i have checked different blogs for the same scenario.It is not possible it seems.Only possible way could be by disabling the captcha feature and testing.

Thanks for the quick reply Stephane.