Cenário não aparece para execução


Gravei um script no Gatling, porém o mesmo não apareceu no Gatling.bat para execução do cenário.

Segue em anexo o script para análise.

Paulo Coelho

GerarMassa.scala (1.48 MB)

Please use English there. Don’t expect other people to go with the hassle of using Google Translate in your stead!

Your issue is that you’ve recorded some requests whose urls exceed the maximum String literal length on the JVM: some of your queries (GET) are ~110.000 characters! I’m even surprised that such application actually works: I’ve always thought that some web servers like Apache httpd were truncating queries above a given limit.
Try splitting those long Strings into multiple ones.

Hello Stephane , The scenery was long because we need to generate a large mass of requests in the application and have 280 stores to make 5 applications in each . I checked that is causing it is a request of " Commitment " that is too large . I decided to divide the strings into several and I think it will serve. The application of you is very good and is coming up with a lot of strength in Brazil. Thank you. Paulo Coelho

Good luck :slight_smile: