Certificate for multiple WS


I’ve multiple webservices where somes need a certificat & some doesn’t.

When I add in gatling.conf, m keystore configuration, script which doesn’t need a certificate get the following error :

Don’t hardcode in gatling.conf. Pass system properties (see Typesafe config lib doc).

Alright, I’ll check this documentation & I’ll back here if I’ve a problem or if I found a solution.


I read documentation and I understand that I can override some configuration by create an other gatling.conf, ie. gatling-dmz.conf
But is it possible to use 2 different file .conf that can be used for specific ws.properties ?

For example, all files named like this : ws_DMZ will used gatling_dmz.conf & al files named ws_RIN will used gatling_rin.conf ?

I try to do this 'cause I need to use a certificate.p12 for ws_DMZ only.

No, there’s no such conf file inheritance mechanism. You can just force the one conf file.

There is no solution ? Maybe with Entreprise Version ?

Or I can only get 2 Gatling : 1 for DMZ WS and 1 for RIN WS ?

Here’s what you can do: https://gatling.io/docs/current/http/http_protocol/?highlight=peruserkeymanagerfactory#keymanagerfactory