Setting Keystore Values without Gatling.conf

In Gatling, we are having an issue from the compliance teams for putting keystore/truststore files along with password in Gatling.conf and resources directory. Is there a way to externalize the files along with the password or other than setting it in Gatling.conf? Can we set these in our cicd pipelines? We are using Azure devops and latest version of Gatling.

Hi @Jayasri,

All settings in gatling.conf should be overridable from arguments in command line with Java setting properties.

For instance:

mvn gatling:test

will change the corresponding settings and the console won’t display metrics for individual request.
I bet that this will work for gatling.ssl.keyStore.file and gatling.ssl.keyStore.password.


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Hi @sbrevet ,

It worked!! Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

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