Change Reports Folder to a customized one


I want to change the reports folder location to other location.

Intent to change the location is to include the report in my jenkins post build actions.

My current setup is that i have jenkins installed at my local machine and i am executing a gatling job from my local machine itself (everything is setup on the same machine). I have invoked the gatling bat using another batch script (which i have written). Build runs fine, now i want to have the results file/report as well as a part of my post-build. I am using “Track a gatling load simulation” as part of post build actions.

I am getting below mentioned snapshot after each build run. My guess is that i need to change the gatling default report location to a jenkins workspace location.

Please help.



I have solved kind of the same problem by modifying the default gatling.conf file. It has this option buried there, I uncommented and edited the directory to a big second harddrive.
You could probably just provide your jenkins workspace dir.
directory {
#data = user-files/data # Folder where user’s data (e.g. files used by Feeders) is located
#bodies = user-files/bodies # Folder where bodies are located
#simulations = user-files/simulations # Folder where the bundle’s simulations are located
#reportsOnly = “” # If set, name of report folder to look for in order to generate its report
#binaries = “” # If set, name of the folder where compiles classes are located: Defaults to GATLING_HOME/target.
results = “/mnt/gatling/results/” # Name of the folder where all reports folder are located