Change the Location where Result File Is stored

Hello Folks,

I need to ask that i want to change the folder where i am saving the result report from results folder to any other location

I had changed the gatling the conf file for the result but then also it is saving the result in the previous folder itself

directory {
#data = user-files/data # Folder where user’s data (e.g. files used by Feeders) is located
#bodies = user-files/bodies # Folder where bodies are located
#simulations = user-files/simulations # Folder where the bundle’s simulations are located
#reportsOnly = C:/results1 # If set, name of report folder to look for in order to generate its report
#binaries = “” # If set, name of the folder where compiles classes are located: Defaults to GATLING_HOME/target.
#results = C:/results1 # Name of the folder where all reports folder are located
// changed the folder Location in config File

Rajat Singh

I think you need to remove hashtag (#) before, since its considered as a comment.

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