Changing lowerBound indicator

Hi, I’m trying to change the lowerBound indicator. I changed it in gatling.conf from 800 to 600 but nothing happens. My reports go on showing graphs with ranges: t > 800, 800 < t < 1200 and , 1200 < t
Is maybe something else that I should do?



Hi @dbarea,

How did you try? I cannot reproduce.

My steps:

  • Clone the gatling-maven-plugin-demo-java repository.
  • Uncomment gatling.charting.indicators.lowerBound and change the value to 600
  • Launch mvn gatling:test
  • Wait the simulation execution.
  • Open the file (link provided by the execution)


Did you correctly uncomment (removing the sharp #)?
Where is your gatling.conf you modified (in src/test/resources for maven, gradle, sbt)?


Have you properly removed the # character to uncomment the line?

Note: you’re using an outdated version of Gatling, you should upgrade.

Sorry, sorry! You’re right, my fault. I had not remove the #.
Thanks and sorry!

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