Clarification on rampdown in closed model


using latest version of gatling for API testing.

configured loops in scenario. In closed model, need to understand how to control the rampdown. can you please help?

For example, below are the details given (just for understanding)

.eachLevelLasting(30 seconds)
.separatedByRampsLasting(2 seconds)
).maxDuration(5 minutes)

used ‘during’ Loop in scenario. In this case it is during(94 seconds)
94 seconds arrived based on 3 level * 30 seconds + 2 ramp * 2 seconds

Ramp down also taking the same time as actual level schedule. Attached snapshot for reference.

thank you very much for your time.


sakthivel raja v

Closed model support currently only starts new users if the target isn’t reached.
It doesn’t “kill” users in the middle of their scenario when the current number of concurrent users is above the target.

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your time and feedback.

Still i am not able to understand the line ‘if the target isn’t reached’. Since the simulation is defined exactly. In my case, it is defined as 3 level where each level lasting 30 seconds. It should end once 3 level satisfies the 30 second duration.

can you please provide me some details in this?

Again, Thanks for your time Stephane.

Thanks and Regards,
Sakthivel Raja V

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