Client library testing

Is it possible to use gatling for testing a client library?

Requirement is the Client library takes the response from the API service and converts to a java object.

I have functionally tested the API service and also working on performance testing of the API service.

But is there a way I can use Gatling to test the client library?

Any pointers will be helpful


I’m not sure about what you want to achieve.

If you want to test your client library, you’ll have to have unit tests, integration tests, functional tests. Gatling is not aimed to provide those tests.

If you want to test the load your client can handle, that is another subject. In that case, Gatling may help but with:

  • a custom protocol (to handle the call to your client instead of HTTP for example)
  • a mock server (to answer to your client)
    The path will be Gatling → client → server

But I repeat: this is not the purpose of Gatling.

Good luck with that,

Thanks for answering. This helps.