Would you entertain the idea of making Gatling also work as a library?

The User Story:

AS A tester who is fluent in the Gatling DSL,
I WANT the ability to embed Gatling into other code
SO THAT I can use the same code for both functional and load/stress/performance tests
AND continue to use my existing test runner (JUnit, TestNG, ScalaTest) to control test execution

Basically, Gatling DSL is fantastic for describing interactions with an API,
and I would use it in a heartbeat for my functional testing.

But the catch is, Gatling is not the ideal test runner. It doesn’t support all the features of other test runners, most notably the ability to assign tests to groups, and to execute tests by their group name.

What I would like to see is a way of using whatever test runner my team uses (and demands that I use also), but be able to define or reference scenarios inside test cases, and be able to launch them.

I have two questions:

  1. Would you be willing to allow Gatling to support such a use case? Or are you committed to it being solely a stand-alone product?

  2. If you are willing, and I wanted to try my hand at contributing the changes to make it happen, where would be the appropriate place for asking questions? Is there a group for contributors? Or a Slack channel? or…