complete doc on the inject API?

found some example here:

Is there a doc to detail the complete api some where?


Gatling 2 is not properly documented yet.
The main reason is that it’s not possible to have multiple versions of the documentation with Github wiki.
We’ll fully redesign Gatling’s website and get the documentation out of Github wiki.

Do you have an eta on that? Also before that happens, what is the best way to find out all the apis besides going through the code?


Do you have an eta on that?

Nope. We're currently 3 active committers and lately the jobs we get paid
for and our personal lives tend to get in the way of any planning tentative
However, we'll soon start building a new website and will progressively
move the doc there (out of Github wiki).

Also before that happens, what is the best way to find out all the apis
besides going through the code?

Ask there

I have an idea on how to do this in a less labor intensive way.

Instead of creating full guides for each version of the API, how about if you create a wiki entry using the “rosetta stone” approach?

That is where you address a specific programming task or problem and implement a solution using different languages in a side-by-side fashion.

Hi Nadine.

We originally went with Github wiki for storing our documentation. This was convenient for a starter, but it proved painful on the long term as:

  • it can only display one online version
  • community can’t contribute (a github wiki is a kind of “hidden” git repository that one can’t send pull requests to)
    For the next major release, we’re moving the documentation out of the github wiki and directly into the sources.

This way, community will be able to contribute and we’ll be able to display all the generated documentation versions on a website.

We already have some recipes (see Cookbooks in wiki) and we hope we’ll have some contributions there.

Recorder and engine versions are aligned. If not, that’s a bug.



Yes, GitHub is a good platform, but does have limitations for some types of usage (like an active user community).

I’m glad to hear you are moving the docs into the source code. This should make it easier to maintain the docs and (hopefully) make it easier for users to find things as well.