[2.2.0-M1] Documentation


I was wondering how I could see/generate the documentation for 2.2.0-M1 (found the tag on github) it seems that most of 2.1 documentation is still applicable, but if I encounter a divergence I would like to have a way to check the most up to date documentation before digging in the code :slight_smile: or maybe there is no divergence in the DSL and only in the engine, in which case I’m fine …


Salut Jean,

We don’t plan on publishing the documentation for those milestones. We released them for our customers who needed new features and stable tags. Underlying implementations are going under major refactoring and we’re probably not done yet, so we don’t advertise them.

See here for the changes: https://github.com/gatling/gatling/issues/2504


Thanks Stéphane

I’ll have a look