Complicated design setup

Hello All,
I need help designing the given scenario, as I am not able to replicate exactly this.
Please find the sample attachment.

Kindly assist me to replicate the exact scenario “setup” in Gatling.
Wanted to show further - will it be possible for such kind of complicated scenario designs is Gatling

Hi @hiteshbansal,

“users count” is often associated with closed model, and it’s often not the suitable model for your website.

Nonetheless, it’s totally feasible to reproduce a similar load.
Depending on the duration of your scenario, you will be able to design an injection profile.
Please see Open model and (if really needed:) Closed model.

Keep in mind that injectOpen and injectClosed take a list of “injection steps”.

Hope it helps

Hi @sbrevet
Thank you for the response.
I have already gone through these models, but exactly not been able to achieve them.
Could you please help me to share the steps which need to be used here? Just initial a few up-down patterns with few users, the rest will extrapolate myself.

Also, i saw some existing comments that ramp down will not be possible
I also observed, the same.
For Ex:
I am using this pattern

   rampUsers(50) during (10))).protocols(httpProtocol)).maxDuration(180)

I need the exact ramp-down as ramp-up and users should be the same in a steady state - it should not be fluctuate


rampdown only be achieve by using rampUsersPerSec (0).to(x) and vice-versa and constantUsersPerSec

but here the users in a steady state are not stable, it fluctuates.


Please assist!!

Hi @hiteshbansal,

Most system are designed in open injection model. Only a few (ticketing application, some shopping website) are designed in a close injection fashion (with a queue waiting for a place before accessing the real application).

So it’s really weird that you are required to have such a stable amount of users in the system, it doesn’t reproduce the reality.

Either go with the close model or better: design correctly the requirement depending on your system.


More information between closed and model:

Thankyou @sbrevet
for shearing all these informations

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