Configure logging level (not logback.xml)

Hi guys,
I don’t suppose anyone could point me in the direction of configuing Gatling logging using a command-line parameter or setting it in $JAVA_OPTS? I’ve seen references to using logback.xml but I’m looking for solutions using the former approaches.

I’ve had a look at the docs on but didn’t see anything on there that would help.

Any help most appreciated!

Logback is the library Gatling uses for logging, so you have to configure it if you have special needs.
What you can do is read logback documentation and see how you can use Java System properties and variable substitution:

Thanks for the update Stéphane. Is it possible to configure Gatling to look elsewhere on the filesystem for the logback file as opposed to a default location?



But if you run the bundle, you can edit the launch script, and add your own directory BEFORE the rest of the classpath, so it has precedence over the one in /conf.