Connection timed out


Do you have any idea of what the following error message really means? I am supposed to have 4000 connections open but 1024 of them are failing. I increased both the connectionTimeout and the requestTimeout but nothing seem to effect this message.

Thanks a lot.

Jamie Tabone

Connection timed out = exactly what it says, couldn’t connect to remote host become it refuses more incoming connections
Invalid status code 0: error from your application that replied with a 0 HTTP status code which doesn’t make any sense
Read timeout: no incoming message for 60 sec

Thanks for the reply. My application is using websockets, thus it cannot be that it is sending HTTP status codes. I do not know what can it be then. Could it be some error message coming from gatling itself?

Thanks indeed.

WebSocket is a protocol upgrade on top of HTTP that’s triggered when receiving a 101 status code.
Here, your WebSocket implementation is broken and sometimes send 0 under heavy load.