Cookie handling

In the docu is stated that cookie handling is automatically handled by Gatlink. However, when testing our web application our pages are always redirected to the Cookie error handling page. How can we be sure that cookies are treated well ? How can we check the cookies ? Does i make a difference to use Netty, JDK, Apache or Grizzly as the HTTP provider ?

Erwin Speltincx


I’m trying to send you the scenario and the logfiles, but it fails.(server error) Can I send it via email ?


There was an issue with the cookie propagation from HTTP to HTTPS:

Here’s a fix:

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PS: Do I win a free Dead Can Dance ticket? :wink:

Hello Stéphane,

I installed your fix and cookies are handled well now, thanks a lot. A new problem arose with this new version : when I set the trace level to “DEBUG” in the file “Logback.xml” I don’t get any logging. If I put it to “TRACE” it works as it should. Is this someting I can fix myself ?

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Erwin Speltincx

As commented in logback.xml: in DEBUG, you only get the failing requests,
in TRACE, you get all of them.