Corelation in gatling


I need to record a web site and perform load on that…after recording,i have few cases where i need to run the simulation with high load and have to pass different data in the simulation every time which needs to be corelated properly.Do we have any Auto corelation feature in gatling rather than checking with different regular expressions matching for the data which needs to be corelated.Any suggestions would be helpful


There is no auto correlation baked into Gatling yet. However, that does not mean you need to use different regular expressions either. When you inject data into a simulation using a feeder, it will be available to use in a check, using its name.

Let’s say you have a CSV file with the following entries, first line being the columns names:

Macbook,MacBook Pro
eee,ASUS Eee PC 1005PE

You’d then be able to insert and check their presence after insertion later on using the expression language of Gatling: ${searchCriterion} or ${searchComputerName}

Like in: