Creating load test with Push Notification (Websocket)

Hello everyone,

I was not aware of Gatling until recently. We have a test scenario and I just want to know if this is possible with Gatling before I dive in and get my hands dirty :slight_smile:

1- Send login request with push target (ws)
2- A secret will be sent to this target device
3- Use this secret in sub-sequence requests

Thanks in advance.

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Your request is super vague.
Yes, Gatling supports WebSockets.

Now, if you want to learn Gatling, there are lots of resources online, including:

And it took 10 days for someone to tell that.

Hi @kasim,

Keep in mind that this community lives on free time of the people.
Every one has their own schedule and a personal life.

There is no SLA of any kind here. And indeed, as your post wasn’t clear enough, most of us read it and think that someone else might better understand that and answer them.

After a week, you did the right thing: asking if the topic wasn’t forgotten (and it was). But please, be kind in doing so.

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