Database Testing through applicaton using Gatling

Hello everyone!
I have started using Gatling 2.2.0 for performance testing for my application. My application is right now locally deployed.
The scenario I want to test:
Previously, my application fires n + 1 queries to the database. For example, First fetch all employees details(Name, Address and Contact only). Then for each employee it will fire query to get email id. It revisits the database for each employee to get email id. As a solution, I modified the main query to get employee details with Name, Address, Contact and Email Id also. I want to test this scenario.

I have gone through Youtube tutorials and did testing for the application. I tested the application before modifying query and after modifying the query. Before modifying query, it fires 12 requests and in after one it fires 3 requests. I am unable to understand this situation.
Can anyone help me with this?
Let me know if any clarification requires.

Hi Nikunj!

Not sure if I understood your question.

Are you asking why your application makes 3 queries instead of 1?
What does it have to do with gatling?

Let me make it simple.
Previously, it was running 20 queries for employees and for each employee it will revisit database and fire query for Email Id.
Now, I did the modification, joined / modified query to fetch name, address, contact and email id for all employees. I just want to test this scenario.
In Gatling report, it shows only request_0, request_1, request_2 and so on. I want to understand what is request_0 contains? Where can I find request body?

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I still don’t understand what does it have to with gatling

It’s a bit offtopic, but probably you should try some SQL sniffer to understand what’s going on?For example sniffy will show all SQL queries made by your application including the stack traces

Check out a demo here: