Gatling report is empty when sending large number of requests

Hi All,

I run some requests in gatling and when the large number of requests are sent, the index.html would not be able to load the results. (There are more than 1000 requests sent. it is OK in case of requests around 400-500 )

request count 1142 (OK=1142 KO=0 )

How could I fix the issue? Is there any configuration that I need to change? Thanks
I am using gatling 2.2.2

You’re running an old version, latest is 2.3.0. Please upgrade.

Thank you. I upgraded to the latest version but the issue still exists. Seems that the problem is not the old version but this:

def getRequestTest: ChainBuilder = {
    .queryParamMap(Map("query" ->"""${queryBody}"""))

And the scenario name is coming from

private case class ColumnAggQuery(
  tableID: Int,
  fieldName: String,
  functionName: String,
  status: String = "200",
  functionValue: String
) extends BaseGraphQlQuery(
  status = status,

scenarioName = s""“Aggregate function:”$functionName" field:"$fieldName" table:"$tableID""""

This string interpolation in the scenario name caused the report not to get populated.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

You most likely have a Javascript error, maybe caused by the double quotes in your scenario name.
Still can’t do anything without you providing a sample.

Thanks. I changed the scenario name from

scenarioName = s""“Aggregate function:”$functionName" field:"$fieldName" table:"$tableID""""

scenarioName = s"Aggregate function:'$functionName' field:'$fieldName' table:'$tableID'" 

and it worked :slight_smile: