Using Gatling to perform stress test on database (SQL)

Hi all,

I want to implement a serie of SQL query to run against a database and assess its behavior under load. As I’ve been hoping to play with Gatling for a while, I though it would be a nice opportunity to do so. However, I did not find on the cheatsheet any action allowing to perform SQL code against a database (only how to feed a scenario with data coming from a db). Is there a plugin/integration that I missed here ?

Thanks !

For the record (same answer as on Twitter):

No. There’s been a tentative some time ago, but it was left unfinished.
We had more pressing matters to handle and there was no demand from the community (you’re the first one to ask).

That’s something we could revive, but we’d need more community demand: we don’t want to develop and maintain something that nobody uses.



Hi Stephan,

Is it still the case that there is no way to load the data in database by SQL?


hi ,

Is there a way to get data from a database and then perform a check on it?

Anuja Dhawale